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Programs Director/Teacher Lissa Tyler Renaud is an award-winning actress, master teacher, recognized director and published writer-scholar.



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For Ongoing Professional Training for All Media

Actors' Training Project was co-founded in 1985 to train professional actors through the integration of the performing arts disciplines. Still the only program of its kind on the West Coast, this program offers comprehensive training for working actors and those who intend to make a contribution to the performing arts. The part-time, conservatory-style curriculum includes Acting, Voice and Speech, Body Alignment, Stage Movement, an introduction to Theatre History and Dramatic Literature, and Auditioning. Students have performance opportunities in the Recital Series, and contact with recognized teachers and working actors through the Master Class Series. Students are working worldwide in all media.

For the Speaking Voice, For Speaker and Singer

Since 1975, Voice Training Project has provided instruction and consultation to individuals whose professions require excellence of the speaking voice: public speakers, stage and film actors, television and radio anchors, as well as other professionals who are committed to superior vocal delivery and persuasive communication. Instruction addresses vocal production, oral interpretation and delivery, and accent reduction; it also includes speechwriting and media consultation. Clients have been speakers for national media, international corporations, major universities, and a wide variety of educational, religious and political concerns, as well as performers from around the world.

Voice Training Project also specializes in working with the singerís vocal production through the speaking voice. Instruction includes text interpretation skills for singers, as well, and preparation for auditions, recitals and recording.

For Physical Alignment and Breath Re-education

FUNdaMENTALS Body Project offers instruction in Physical Alignment and Breath Re-education, for both general care and for the performing arts. This work is inspired by Dance- and Sports Medicine, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Andre Bernardís Ideokinesis, physical rehabilitation training, Eutony, F.M. Alexander, Somatics, and a score of other physical re-education approaches relevant to care of the body. The breathwork uses simple, organic principles to promote natural breathing. FUNdaMENTALS Body Project has supported clients in recovery from injury or illness, prepared them for high performance in sports and the performing arts, and provided ongoing physical conditioning.




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