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Lissa Tyler Renaud maintains extensive professional libraries of books and journals, records and CDs, and audio and video tapes. These include materials ranging from first editions and other rare materials to the most up-to-date.

The libraries are an important part of the InterArts Training "experience." Students are asked to read, watch and listen in conjunction with the classes at all times. Ms. Renaud's students participate freely in the libraries; they borrow from them, request and recommend materials to be added, and occasionally donate things. Some have helped catalogue. Students also set up "lending trees" among themselves, sharing from their own—often growing—libraries.


New additions:

Proudly announcing the purchase of an important part of Sir John Gielgud’s historic private library: an extraordinary collection of sixty-one of his theatre books--mostly scarce, all signed by himself and/or with his bookplate, many signed by their authors. From London bookseller Peter Ellis (, who purchased them from the sale of Gielgud's estate at Sotheby's in May 2001. A significant part of Sir Gielgud’s library is now with the British Library.








Acting Technique

Actors and Acting


From the sublime (autobiographies, biographies, interviews, diaries, letters, etc.) to the ridiculous (gossip, humor)

Alternative Medicine

Artists and Art


Theory, criticism, memoirs, diaries, correspondence. Emphasis on modern art and artists who work in more than one medium (e.g. poet/playwright, painter/designer)

Dance and Movement


History and instruction. Also anatomy, physiology, movement analysis. Sports medicine.




History and scripts

First Editions


Overnight borrowing only, and only after I've know you for awhile

General History

General Interest


Philosophy, popular science, miscellaneous

General Reference


Dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc




Major modern teachers of acting



Theory, criticism, memoirs, diaries, correspondence

Oversized Books


Mostly art and art history, with a concentration on modern art, especially Russian and German (Kandinsky and the Bauhaus teachers)



Emphases: 1) photographs by painters and writers, and 2) photographs from the turn of the century and earlier

Play Texts


Greek drama to contemporary; single plays and anthologies


Russian History

Spiritual and Religious History

Theatre History


Ancient to contemporary, criticism

Twentieth Century History

Twentieth Century Writing


Fiction, diaries, correspondence, memoirs

Voice and Speech


Theory and practice








"Inside the Actor's Studio" series

More on Actors and Acting


Famous and rare filmed productions, documentaries, interviews, tributes

Great Performances in films for children


Excellent for character creation and voice-over study

Film History


Early films and footage

Master Class Series


Archive of classes led by distinguished visitors to Actors' Training Project

Related Topics


Documentaries on art, history, war, classical and popular music, politics

Voice and Movement


Breath re-education, physical alignment, master classes, dance, singing








Many Angel and Caedmon recordings. Rare poetry, sound poetry, speech and drama recordings from the early 20th century. Lots of classical and modern plays performed by interesting and unexpected actors, in several languages. Lots of anthologies of readings from prose and poetry, especially those read by their authors. Some interviews, live readings. Lots of singing, classical to contemporary experimental. Some Actors' Training Project private classes with visitors from the Master Class Series.