Lissa Tyler Renaud is an award-winning actress, a recognized director, a master teacher of acting, voice and movement, and a published writer-scholar.





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Ms. Renaud has spent 40 years training, performing (Electra, Eliza, Hedda, Rosalind, Beatrice) and directing (Strindberg, Yeats, Picasso, Gertrude Stein, Brecht).  She was mentored in her Acting studies by actor/director Rolf Tutschek (Germany/USA), in Voice by soprano Christine Sanders M.A. (USA), in Movement by dancer/choreographer John McConville, M.Div. (USA/Thailand), and in Theatre History/Directing by the distinguished original faculty of U.C. Berkeley’s Dramatic Art Department.  Ms. Renaud won five university Hickman Fellowships for merit, as well as awards for Distinguished Theatrical Talent, Outstanding Artistic Accomplishment in Dramatic Art, and the prestigious Sturgess Prize for An Actress of Excellence.  She has also worked in modeling and in independent film.  Her production of Picasso’s Four Little Girls was featured at Southern California’s Avant-Garde Theatre Festival.  Her production of Ghost Sonata, co-directed with the late George House, is part of the permanent collection of The Strindberg Museum in Stockholm.  She has directed nearly fifty shows for the Actors’ Training Project since 1985.  Ms. Renaud has also directed and performed at San Francisco’s Luggage Store Gallery for multi-disciplinary performance, and co-directed FuturessenceXXX at SF’s New Langston Arts as part of San Francisco’s international Acustica Festival. 


In February of 2003, Renaud gave a recital of her “Gertrude Stein: A Very Valentine” at Oakland’s Pardee Home Museum; in March of 2003, she directed a reading of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts as part of the international Lysistrata Project—coinciding with over 1000 simultaneous readings of the play in 59 countries (featured in the Montclarion Newspaper, March 2003). 


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Ms. Renaud is Founder and Teacher of InterArts Training, which provides cutting-edge professional training locally and master classes nationally: the Voice Training Project (since 1975), the Actors' Training Project (co-founded in 1985) and the FUNdaMENTALS Body Project (since 2000).  She has also taught Acting, Voice and Movement at UC Berkeley and in Japan; she has taught Master Classes and done coaching for stage and film productions in Acting, Voice and Movement—separately and integrated—in New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and California.  Since the ‘70’s, Renaud has developed her signature teaching style, training theatre artists in acting, voice, movement, dramatic literature, writing and cultural history as a seamless whole.  Teachers and artists of many disciplines have traveled to observe her work from across the country and from abroad.  Ms. Renaud was a founding member of the international Network of Cooperating Studios in 1999; she served on the Admissions Board for the Oakland School for the Arts in 2001/2.  She is an Active member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association, and her independent voice studio is recommended by SAG.  Feature articles on her teaching have appeared in the international Scene4 Magazine (August 2000) and in Contra Costa County’s Montclarion Newspaper (April 2001).  Her students are working internationally in all media.



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Ms. Renaud comes from a family of writers and teachers.  She graduated from Oakland’s College Preparatory School with honors in English and Drama.  She studied creative writing and literature at UC Davis (Dean’s Honors List, English Literature) before early forays into work as a writing coach and script doctor for playwrights and screenwriters for independent film.  She then received her B.A. and M.A. in Dramatic Arts (UCB, 1978 and 1984, summa cum laude).  Under the outside direction of the eminent art historian, Peter Selz, Ms. Renaud earned her Ph.D. in Theatre History and Dramatic Literature/Directing (1987, summa cum laude).  She has continued to write and lecture on her scholarly specializations, which include Wassily Kandinsky, the Bauhaus and the 20th century avant-garde.  Since 2000, Ms. Renaud has written a popular online column, Commentary and Collaborations—both for Scene4 performing arts journal and independently--which has offered in-depth discussion of contemporary, experimental theatre training from a frontline, multi-disciplinary perspective.  Her other writings can be read locally in San Francisco’s CALLBOARD Magazine, and nationally in publications by Applause Books in NY, in DRAMATICS Magazine and TEACHING THEATRE Magazine, with three articles currently pending publication.  She is also a regular contributor to professional newsletters and international professional networks online.  Renaud is currently writing Cooking with Alice B.--a one-woman show on Toklas--with Hans Gallas, one of the world’s foremost collectors of Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas materials.  She presented her selections from Stein’s writings on February 14th at the Pardee Home Museum and on March 1 at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts.


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