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S.D.  Public Affairs for Business Executives and U.S. House and Senate




Doing voice work with Lissa Tyler Renaud has been a valuable eye-opener. I have worked with speech therapists in the past, because I knew my voice was not all it could be. Only Lissa has helped me understand the organic sources of my vocal habits. She has taught me exercises that liberated me from where I had been stuck. The progress I have made with her is heads above my previous attempts with speech therapists. Lissa draws on many different disciplines and integrates them into our work. She is in a class by herself! 





Catriona Glazebrook J.D., M.S. Executive Director, Pacific Environment, Oakland, CA




When I went to take voice training lessons with Lissa I had no idea how comprehensive and powerful this training could be. Lissa’s insightful nature, significant knowledge, and common sense approach to applying practical techniques that work, can result in one finding one’s best voice. I feel fortunate to have trained with such a brilliant and masterful teacher.




Sean Farnan. Disc Jockey, San Francisco




Like many people, I initially sought a "quick fix" to the qualities I was unhappy with in my voice. Lissa Tyler Renaud was the only instructor I interviewed who was honest enough to tell me that there are no quick, simple solutions to what I wanted to change. In my Evaluation Session, she explained the wide variety of components that go into vocal production and pointed out, professionally and unthreateningly, which components I needed to work on to improve my voice. The several years of work that ensued were not always easy or fun, but every exercise we did seemed to address my individual needs. Lissa has expert knowledge and I knew that everything she had me do would contribute to my improvement. I was encouraged by both Lissa's criticisms and her praise, and never felt embarrassed by her comments.

I recommend Lissa Tyler Renaud's Voice Training Project for anyone who seeks improvement and knowledge in an atmosphere that is professional, relaxed, encouraging, constructively critical and explorative.




[Name Withheld]. University Professor, UC Berkeley




Great [vocal] progress in class. Was it always that simple and I didn’t know?




David Reynolds. Celebrity Auctioneer, Nationwide




Study with Lissa
She's so easy to please
Just make your final sss's
Sound just like zzz's




[Name Withheld, M.S., M.S.W.]. Nationwide Speaker on Education




Being a part of the Voice Training Project has been nothing short of a life-changing experience. Lissa has broadened my professional speaking skills through a unique combination of vocal training, bodywork and personal development. I would find a way to be a part of the Voice Training Project with or without a "job"; Lissa is extraordinary.




Monica Wesolowska. Poet and Novelist




I notice myself putting the skills I learned from you to good use...Recently I was to read a poem, and I was able to practice it as I would have for your class and people said it was the highlight of the occasion.




Kathie Schmid. Actress, Northern California




Lissa has taught me how to use my speaking voice as my own musical instrument, to convey thoughts and feelings with rhythm, pitch, volume and breath itself. Lissa has the patience to persevere with particularly ingrained vocal habits until the origin of tension is discovered and can be released. The rewards are great when this happens.




Ebba Segerberg. Doctoral student, Scandinavian Literature and Film




I came to Lissa for increased speaking confidence in areas relating to my profession: teaching, delivering papers, and participating effectively in scholarly discussions. Lissa helped me by demystifying presentation skills, and always balanced difficult tasks with humor and hope. The sessions more than exceeded my expectations. Beyond increased speaking confidence, she taught me the basics of good breathing habits, and the importance of such habits for relaxation, general well-being and the ability to think clearly.




[Name Withheld, Ph.D.]. Clinical Psychologist, UCSF




I can’t say enough about how wonderful and helpful it was working with the Voice Training Project. It was invaluable to me. I learned communication skills that gave me poise and confidence, and helped me to develop a presentation style that contributed to my passing my professional orals licensing exam. Lissa is a unique teacher who has a breadth and depth of knowledge that allows her to develop a helpful individualized teaching program. She also creates a fun and relaxing learning environment. Everything I learned with her continues to be beneficial to me in my professional career. The Voice Training Project is a fabulous experience.




Margaret de Coursey: Actress, Pianist, College Counselor




Lissa has armed me with a storehouse of techniques, exercises and vocal skills, which have helped me enormously in my bilingual performing as well as in my work as a college counselor.




Michael Armstrong. Director/Program Co-ordinator, Kaiser Educational Theatre Programs




The vocal approach given by ATP not only goes back to basics, but also offers concrete tools to improve one’s technique--for example, breathing exercises, imagery and drills that promote vocal variety and natural pauses in the text...These skills can be used quickly and consistently as the vocal instrument is strengthened.










Christine Sanders, M.A. Soprano, Voice Faculty, UNM. Co-Founder, Actors' Training Project




Dr. Lissa Renaud opened a whole New World to me as we worked on songs and arias. She helped me to integrate my mind and my imagination into my instrument, and I found myself singing with much more emotional expression and vocal freedom. She taught me how to structure my study and preparation and to enter into texts and music in a specific and active way. The tools she shared with me are a part of every voice lesson I teach and every performance I give.





Doris Jo Moscowitz. Jazz vocalist, Co-Owner of Moe's Books, Berkeley, CA




This "acting" teacher/Kandinsky scholar taught me more about expressivity than any jazz stylist I every studied with. Now I can tell stories worth listening to. If my father were here [Moe of Moe’s Books], he would say that Lissa is a very important person and teacher. He trusted her.





Nadia Mahdi. Soprano, Co-director Teatro Bacchino




Professional voice work often promises mastery through the narrowing of technical vocabularies and through building upon a set model at the exclusion of all others. The wide range of vocal models and technical vocabularies that Lissa uses in the Actors' Training Project encourages flexibility and creativity, qualities that are valued highly in professional vocal work.