What the Profession Says
Bill Smith: Director; Head, The Acting Studio, Denver
I was MOST impressed with the professionalism and the talent of [your students]. Their work and how they conducted themselves speaks worlds about how well you train actors. Dedicated they are, and they seem like such genuinely nice people, too…Would that all our actors approach "the work" with such enthusiasm, such mental and physical preparation and such willingness to stretch and to take risks.

Lissa Renaud is one of the best acting coaches west of the Rocky Mountains. Sooner or later, you just might want to conquer the matters of time and money, and just commit to what you need to do as an actor. On record.....the two BEST coaches in San Francisco are Ed Hooks [based in Chicago as of August 2001] and Lissa Renaud...don’t waste your time…I vote for folks like Ed Hooks and Lissa Renaud...working actors and directors and coaches.
Colorado/South Africa
Anna Hadzi: Actress, Director, Producer
Firstly, may I say what a pleasure it was to meet you [at the conference] and interact with you. You are every bit the wonderful human being I thought you'd be - even more so. Secondly, having the honor of getting a glimpse of the work you do inspired me freshly and kept me glued to my seat, for fear of missing anything…your students proved to be a talented group of focused, disciplined, warm and wonderful individuals, whom I believe everybody agrees, were an invaluable addition to the events. Your professional presentation was impressive…[and allowed] people to connect with your life's work. If you were closer, I would join your classes in a heartbeat. … You did [your presentation with your students] as a unified, cohesive team. It was a prime example of ensemble at its best.
Jack Horton: Singer; Teacher, Presenter’s Studio; Section Editor, Voice & Speech Review
[About an article:] Lissa Tyler Renaud reaches into the depths of dozens of artistic endeavors and puts polish on a somewhat hidden concept called "The Focus Point." When you try this concept on for size, you (if you are like me) find yourself going farther and farther into the picture she is painting for us. It is a mystery, a wonderful mystery that calls us to be more creative!
Nathan Thomas: Musician, Actor; Professor, Centenary College, Shreveport
I have been blessed this past week by a journey that included some wonderful fellow travelers.

More than a year ago, I was sitting in a big empty space in Texas writing some ideas about how rhythm could work in the theater. Lissa Renaud had the energy to start to ask me questions about posts I made on various [discussion] groups. That started a conversation that had as a resting place a collaborative teaching situation with her studio this past week.

Over the course of a few days, Lissa and her students generously opened up their hearts and minds to see if these odd ideas about music and rhythm could have beneficial use to actors in their work…The experience of the journey was made marvelous by the openness and willingness to experiment by the students of the Actor's Training Project. They ably jumped into the exercises and tasks set out to experiment with…They asked thoughtful questions, getting me to be clear in my thoughts about what I suggested to them.

…Allow me simply to say again that in watching a sample of Lissa's physical work with her students and in working with them, I was enriched in the work. Many thanks to you all…I can only think that such 'yeasty' interactions can only improve and benefit the arts for which we work.
Michele Cuomo: Actress, Director; Professor, Ole Miss
You are my role model. I love to see the way you work with your students, the way you touch them, love them, know them, push them, prod them, celebrate them!!! Your group seems utopian to me. Down to the program, the individuality and great creativity of the recital sample you gave us [at the conference] just filled me up. I love ARTISTS in the theatre, not the people who say they're artists because they don't make money in the field, the artists who make something their own, and give us a reason to go to the theatre again, who let us see an entirely new invention. Why should I see yet another production of STREETCAR when there's a perfectly great video I can rent with The Sexiest Man Alive of 1954 to play in it? Well the only reason I can see if someone like you takes it and as you said so perfectly "makes it thrive"... MUCH LOVE
New Mexico
Christine Sanders: Soprano; Co-Founder Actors’ Training Project; Voice Faculty, UNM
I'm so proud that ATP is 15 years old and that …the "family" continues to expand – how wonderful! I send you [ATP] birthday greetings…thank you for investing so much of yourself in an idea that continues to grow and thrive. And now the family is expanding through your contact and interaction with kindred spirits around the country. From the beginning ATP has been about mutual growth in community, not about hammering out a product to sell in the world of performing arts. It is about planting seeds and sharing tools, and the ATP garden is blooming with hardy perennials! Thank you, Lissa, for your vision and dedication.
New York
Lynn Martin: Teacher; Board of Directors, Carl Stough Institute for Breathing Co-ordination
I think your write-up [of the movement materials on this site] is excellent…Keep up the good work.

I send warmest wishes to you and look forward to our future exchanges and collaborations.
Rocco Dal Vera: Teacher, U. of Cincinnati; Voice Coach; Chief Editor, Voice & Speech Review
It is a pleasure and an honor to work with you.