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Then, Now & Next: 1999-2003






WINTER 2002/EARLY SPRING 2003 Highlights


 Lysistrata Project: Director-producer Renaud’s reading of the ancient anti-war comedy joined over 1000 simultaneous March readings in 59 countries; it featured Actors’ Training Project students (from the 1980’s to now) and prominent Bay Area performers, including jazzpoets Raymond Nat Turner and Zigi Lowenberg from Upsurge!, hip-hop phenom Tim’m West and actors from Shotgun Players and Central Works.  Also readings by Renaud, Turner, Lowenberg and West.  Hosted by Julia Morgan Center for the Arts; benefit for Iraqi children


 Renaud Recital: "Gertrude Stein: A Very Valentine." Major press release: "Actress & Stein scholar Lissa Tyler Renaud will perform selections on love from the writings of Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas and friends. Valentine’s Day, 2003, at the Pardee Home Museum in Oakland…"


 Press coverage, Montclarion: the Renaud Lysistrata Project (Feb. 28)


 Press coverage, Montclarion: Renaud voice-over training (Mar. 14)


 Publication: "The Actor: Dynamic Body, Expressive Breath" (Dramatics Magazine, March)


 Publication: "Keeping a Journal; Making an Actor" (Dramatics Magazine, April)


 Publication: "Vocal Coaching in the Broadcasting Arena" (Newsletter, Voice and Speech Trainers Association, Spring)


 Publications Pending:  The Facial Connection” (Dramatics Magazine, May);

"Facial Warm-up Sequence" (Callboard Magazine, Spring); “Sensibilities and Specifics: My Father’s Life in My Art” (Teaching Theatre, Spring)



FALL/WINTER 2002 Highlights





Acting Class Christmas Recital: "Holiday Piece, Performance Peace: Education Through the Looking Glass." Scenes from Strindberg, Wilder, Ionesco, Gertrude Stein, Handke, Yoko Ono


Acting Class collaboration with Dave Williams, one of Trinidad's foremost choreographers

Renaud conducts a workshop on Auditioning for Theatre Bay Area's Actors' Salon Series. Participants said: "valuable," "helpful," "reassuring," "specific, positive," "humor, energy" "insightful."


Renaud conducts voice workshop and designs warm-up sequence for Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Troupe


Publication pending: "Vocal Coaching in the Broadcasting Arena," for the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (Spring


Library Acquisition: The 11-volume British video series, "Playing Shakespeare." John Barton coaching England's best


On-going developments: student recitals and projects with other organizations; the Toklas one-woman show (see below), workshops, field trips, ideas for Master Classes, Library Acquisitions



SUMMER 2002 Highlights





Acting Class Scene Study: Sartre, Wilde, Wilder, Williams 


Field Trips: private presentation by Hans Gallas, one of the world’s foremost collectors of Gertrude Stein/Alice Toklas materials; visit to a mostly-untouched theatre from 1907; Yoko Ono exhibition


Master Class Series: two intensive workshops by Lynn Martin, long-time associate of the renowned Stough Institute for Breathing Coordination in NY, an important center for breathwork for performing and overall health


Publication of Renaud’s article, “The Actor: Dynamic Body; Expressive Breath,” in Callboard Magazine (August)


Publication of Renaud’s article, “Images in Vocal Training: Scientific and Mind-Body Contributions,” lead article for the Newsletter of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (quarterly)


Renaud collaborates in the early stages of curriculum design for the Oakland School for the Arts. Students of the Actors’ Training Project visited to promote OSA-ATP friendship




SPRING 2002 Highlights




Acting Class Winter/Spring. Scene study through multiple approaches to rhythmic awareness: Shakespeare, Pinter, Beckett


Publication of Renaud’s article, “Voice Magic: The Secrets of Vocal Variety,” in Dramatics Magazine, March 2002


Library Acquisition: “The Stanislavsky Century,” a French video including rare footage of Stanislavsky and other seminal 20th century theatre innovators


Renaud attends the Bay Area’s General Auditions as the guest of Theatre Bay Area


More: Publication pending of articles for Callboard Magazine (breath and movement) and the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (neuroscience and voice). Student acting projects under discussion with Slobodan Paich of the ArtShip Foundation, and with the Oakland Heritage Alliance. Development of the one-woman Alice B. Toklas show continues, with support from project-related activities: the exhibition of collaborator Gallas’s Stein/Toklas collection at the SF Public Library and the American Library in Paris, and a Toklas 125th birthday dinner in SF on April 24.




FALL 2001/WINTER 2002 Highlights



Commencement of Renaud’s collaboration on Hans Gallas’s Alice Toklas play

project, entitled “Cooking with Alice B.” The play will be read in San Francisco and in Paris in honor of Toklas’s 125th birthday


Acquisition of Pilates “Reformer,” equipment for advanced Body Alignment training


Publication of Renaud’s "On the Focus Point" acting/voice training article

in New York.


Publication of Renaud’s original voice exercise in New York anthology


Renaud hosts the first “Actors’ Salon,” part of the Spotlight Series sponsored by SF’s Theatre Bay Area at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s rehearsal space.








Summer Theme: “Kerouac and Shakespeare: Studies in Rhythmic Language”


Unveiling of the new website!


Visit with Sherri Zelazny, Program Coordinator with LRGHealthcare Voice

Clinic in New Hampshire. Library Addition: rare footage of Laryngovideostroboscopy


Visit with Dancer/Choreographer John McConville of Bangkok, Thailand

Visit with Loni Berry, Director of the new high school,  Oakland School for the Arts


Library Acquisition: rare footage of Meyerhold’s Biomechanics actor

training. Gift of Prof. Nathan Thomas, Voice and Diction, Centenary College, Louisiana


Spring Recital, Spring Theme: Shakespeare, Sound Poetry, e.e.cummings


Class of 2000 flown to Germany in May to re-mount our Fall 2000 SF show














Lissa Tyler Renaud’s expanded online column hit cyberspace: Commentary and Collaborations from the Actors’ Training. Like her previous column for Scene4 performing arts journal, this popular column considers issues relevant to contemporary performing arts training; it also features reviews, research and pieces written collaboratively with inspirational colleagues.












Lissa Tyler Renaud’s article, On the Focus Point: The Next Generation, was accepted for publication in The Voice and Speech Review, ed. Rocco dal Vera, Applause Books, N.Y.












Renaud and her students performed two programs of traditional and avant-garde materials, entitled From Classical to Contemporary: Some Comic Interesections at Oakland’s College Preparatory School, and Spirit of Christmas Present; Lessons of Classrooms Past at the Actors’ Training Project.












The Actors’ Training Project was proud to sponsor a lecture/visit with Shivaprakash, one of the most eminent playwright/poets of India. Shivaprakash’s work represents the cutting edge of Indian culture today.












The Goethe Institute sponsored a collaboration between renowned German composers, Gerhard Staebler and Kunsu Shim, and director Lissa Tyler Renaud, with her students at the Actors’ Training Project, to create FUTURESSENCEXXX, a program of Italian Futurist material for SF’s Acoustica 2000 Festival. Lissa’s students were then flown to Germany to re-mount the show in May of 2001.












Renaud and students of her Actors’ Training Project performed a program of traditional and avant-garde materials, entitled Abstract Centuries: 20 Rhythms, at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco.












L. T. Renaud’s teaching work was featured in Scene4, the Internet’s leading journal for performing arts professionals. The feature, Actors’ Training Project: A Recital, covered her training program’s presentation for their 15th Anniversary Celebration.






JUNE 2000






L. T. Renaud and students of her Actors’ Training Project attended advanced workshops in Ideokinesis with NYU’s incomparable Andre Bernard, who carries on the physical alignment teachings of the legendary Mabel Todd. The Actors’ Training Project will sponsor Bernard’s Bay Area stay in June of 2002.






APRIL 2000






Lissa Tyler Renaud’s inaugural online column went out: Notes from the Actors’ Training Project in Scene4. This popular monthly column considered contemporary performing arts training from a cutting-edge interdisciplinary perspective.

[This column is now expanded, entitled Commentary and Collaborations and archived on this site]






MARCH 2000






Ms. Renaud performed the two-person Fragments From the Dada Cabaret, or (Yankee) Dada Doodles, a dada-inspired performance, with co-creator danseuse extraordinaire, Michele Cuomo of Mississippi.






MARCH 2000






One of Lissa Tyler Renaud’s original voice exercises accepted for publication in The Voice and Speech Exercise Book, ed. Janet Rodgers, Applause Books, N.Y.












Ms. Renaud taught a series of Voice Intensives for Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre Program’s performing troupes.












Ms. Renaud’s successful 1983 production of Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata, (co-director George Stillman House) was selected for primary discussion in Dr. Debra Freeberg’s (Michigan) paper, delivered at the Strindberg Festival in New York (January 2000) and in Stockholm, Sweden (March 2000).












Ms. Renaud conducted Master Classes in Movement for Actors at The Acting Studio in Denver, Colorado. Studio director/filmmaker Bill Smith studied with Cecily Berry, Bobby Lewis and Stella Adler; he is also a Master Teacher of Arthur Lessac’s work.






OCTOBER 1999 to APRIL 2000






The Actors’ Training Project (Dir. L.T. Renaud) became one of the founding members of the international Network of Cooperating Studios. Through the Network, Renaud and students hosted a series of distinguished guest artist-teachers: Bill Smith (Denver), Anna Hadzi (South Africa), Michele Cuomo (Mississippi), Nathan Thomas (Baltimore) and John McConville (Thailand). Each of these guests addresses the integration of acting, voice and movement skills that is the particular work of the Actors’ Training Project.












Ms. Renaud served as Vocal Coach for the University of San Francisco’s production of Brecht’s Visions of Simone Machard. Student Max Gill assisted.












Ms. Renaud was one of seven presenters at the three-day Las Vegas Symposium for Theatre, Film and Television Professionals. The title of her presentation was Introduction to the Actors’ Training Project, and featured five of her students. Ms. Renaud was also one of the organizers for the event.






JULY 1999






Ms. Renaud gave featured readings from Gertrude Stein’s Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights at the Bay Area’s popular Berkeley Repertory Theatre. The occasion was the benefit marathon reading of Parts I and II of Goethe’s FAUST (dir. David Catanzarite), in which Ms. Renaud also read (for 6-1/2 hours).












Ms. Renaud was Consulting Producer on How It’s Done, a feature film by Stick Figure Productions. She also served as Casting Director for the project in 1998 and Script Consultant in 1997. Several of her students were able to assist on the production.






MAY 1999






Included among Patrick Cronin’s "grand master" teachers of acting in America; on Acting-Pro, largest online discussion forum for theatre, film and television.